What We Do

Leadership Development

The most successful organisations have one thing in common – excellent, adaptive leaders who can get the job done, whilst creating positive teams. This is why at Prosperus Consulting we are committed to providing excellent leadership development.

Having held executive and senior leadership positions ourselves we understand the challenges faced by leaders in modern-day institutions.  We are also professionally trained in leadership consulting and organisational development which means we apply specialist thinking and expertise to complex problems, using our real-life practical experiences to help leaders make a difference.

We never however place ourselves as experts and work in partnership to develop a shared understanding of the situation and co-create solutions. We can work with leaders on a one to one basis, for example by providing consultancy, coaching, or individual development sessions, or as part of a group exploring group behaviours and challenges, facilitating training and peer support sessions.

At Prosperus we believe strongly that everyone has leadership capabilities and as such, we work with those in formal and informal leadership roles at all levels of the organisation. We have worked with board members, Chief Executive Officers, and Team Managers, as well as team members, consultants and volunteer groups.

Team or Group Development

Here at Prosperus we are professionally trained to work with and understand the complexity of groups. We understand that cohesive strong teams are essential for achieving the organisational task. We have worked with teams from private, public, and third sector organisations. Our work has included supporting teams to manage inter-team conflict, building team relationships, group reflection during periods of stress, and supporting successful management of projects and staff during change processes.

Working in a modern networked world, often means that teams have to stay connected remotely and work on joint projects without ever physically coming together. At Prosperus Consulting we are skilled in supporting team members to manage these challenges, to gain clarity and skill in their work, and to increase their capacity and resilience.

We can provide structured programmes of work, group supervision sessions, away days, or a combination of on-line and face to face learning. We are passionate about effective teams because we believe they are the building blocks of creating positive work cultures.

Organisational Development

Prosperus Consulting work at all levels of the organisation when large system changes are needed. For example we have provided Executive Coaching to leaders during restructuring processes, provided organisational development consultancy to teams and board members as they set their new strategic direction, and worked with academic institutions to think about how they introduce changes to practice with minimal resistance.

Working systemically in this way often requires more than one consultant, and as such we can draw on our professional network to create a robust team of consultants who can provide whole systems support in ways which fit with organisational need.

Providing organisational development support is essential to ensure that team members at all levels of the business continue to understand the reason for developments, feel psychologically safe during change processes and have external routes to discuss their concerns and anxieties.

Organisations who welcome external support often find that change processes are managed more robustly and with less resistance because thought is given to the potential impact across the various sectors of the business, creating a shared, deep understanding of change management in practice.

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Prosperus Consulting specialises in leadership and team development. We work with individuals, teams, and whole organisations to develop effective leadership & embed sustainable change. If you would like to work with us, please get in touch.